We Sit Still in Silence

Silent Night

This evening the air flows between us
Dusts off the stone walls in the process.
Some things can only be said by silence.
Some things can only be fathomed in the night.

Now we stand tall side by side
Comfortably warm in the open air.
We gaze at the starry night
The sparkling stars look back at us.
Our inner lives are dancing.

The trees are playing hide and seek
The grass sees a perfect opportunity
To grow a little more while nobody is watching.
Glow-worms pretend to be the stars.

The house tries to stay as still as it can
Inside people are sleeping.
The Devil is gone for a late drink tonight
He is not sorry for anything he’s done.
A cat returns from late romance.

The Milky-Way counts her sons, no interruption please.
Bravely the Earth continues her eternal pilgrimage.
Her heart is beating louder tonight
Reaching out to her Brothers and Sisters.

The young Moon watches her in wonder,
Goes round in circles, overworked.
From space, the Sun radiates with gold.
Nothing can extinguish his flame.
From space he always sends his love.

Laura Pantea