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Suddenly I was there, standing, just standing, very still. Such a silence. Time stopped. And light descending, enveloping all …. and so it ended.

Sometimes in childhood, in adolescence or in difficult circumstances, there are moments of wonder, the experience of simply being alive. But we can’t stay like that for long; the demands of life draw us in a different direction, towards interests and preoccupations and ‘making a living’. It seems as though these moments of wonder come from another world, far distant from “real life”. But that world is surely still there – and perhaps sometimes we find it again for brief moments.

So which of these worlds is our true home? Or is that the wrong question? Perhaps there are experiences which can include both, rejecting neither and can convey a sense of inner questioning.

We welcome new contributions which can be sent to the editors@in-between.org.uk.

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