The Meeting


The tree, guardian, signpost against the pale blue sky,
Stood unremarked.
The car passed at speed, bearing the practical necessities
For the outer journey,
The remaining time.
The driver lost in their getting and bringing
In the coming greeting, the inevitable parting.

The two were waiting, the one eyes dark with care
The other bird-like frail, robust limbs dwindled.

Again the lapis candle, lit last summer,
Now this winter day, the last leave taking.

Words fall away.
They sit,
Sharing that.
As the ocean they two would now sit beside
To wait,
To watch the pelicans take flight.
Emotions fall away.

The dying woman’s eyes glow and shine
Imbuing the late afternoon with their beauty.

The car sped up the drive.
The tree, guardian, signpost, stood in splendour
Against the pale blue sky.

I greet it.

Susan Lacroix

Woodcut by Gwen Raverat