At a Shrine in Delhi

Muhammad Anwar

A devotee interviewed by Anna da Costa

“Write down what I’m going to tell you, this is important…” said Muhammad Anwar.

He shifted his seating position. As he did so, the inky darkness that had descended around us seeped into my awareness. The shrine was shining even more brightly than before, its sweet-scented incense swirling softly through the air, which was once again filled with the sound of his voice…

“Har ek insaan ki zindagi, ek anokhi anmol kitab hai
Is kitaab ko apne hi taap se samajh, samajh gaya to sher hai aur nahi to mitti ka dher”.

“It means, the life of every human being is a rare and precious book. If you can come to an understanding of it from within your Being, you will become a lion; if not, it will all go to dust”.

“To come to such an understanding you must look within, and examine your true nature. Never judge others, only yourself. If you could understand yourself, you would understand everything. What I mean to say is that God has put everything within us”.

“Nizamuddin Auliya1 used to say that no matter what is happening in the outside world, one should pray that God grants you peace within yourself. If everyone in the world prayed for the peace of their inner selves rather than anything else, then whatever their circumstances might be, they would find rest”.

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1 The 14th Century Sufi Saint to whom the nearby shrine is dedicated