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For each of us, there is an outer world, and an inner world.

It is not difficult to agree what the “outer world” is. It begins beyond my skin: the table with my laptop, this room, this house, the houses opposite and bare trees outside, closely parked cars still with frost on their windscreens, in this big city with thousands of people on the move, in England, Europe, the earth with all its peoples, the solar system, the Milky Way ….

What is my “inner world”? It seems to be highly subjective. We each have our own background, upbringing, memories, and culture. It seems that we are all different- and in a certain sense, we are. All that subjectivity we could call the stuff of psychology, using the word in its widest sense. Yet sages old and new have asserted that when we go deeper inside, that subjective material is suddenly seen to be part of that outer world, where it is needed for manifestation. Inside, there can be the light of consciousness.

When it is there, I can experience both myself and what appears to be “outside” quite differently, without judgement, with a different quality of feeling. A building, a painting, a film, a human being, is suddenly perceived in a completely new way, and there is in myself a different feeling of self. Can I be “in between” these two worlds?

Our aim in this internet magazine is to share impressions of both worlds – writing, films, countries, our own experiences …. trying to be “in-between” and sometimes discovering that despite our differences, there is in us something fundamentally the same.

In-Between is not a blog, but an edited internet magazine. Submit your comments and contributions to the editors: Geoff Butts, Lesley Croome, Felix Dux,and Tilo Ulbricht. Poetry to Roy Ashwell.

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